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Dr. Eliaz Kaufman is an educator and one of the leading periodontists in the New York City area. He was a professor at Columbia University before opening his private dental practice. In addition to general dentistry, he specializes in oral surgery, periodontal work, and implantology. He’s committed to education in the field, he also trains new dentists and residents in the field of implant surgery.

Dr. Kaufman has been fascinated by dentistry his whole life. He loves that it’s a rapidly developing field that allows him to work at the forefront of technology and treat a variety of conditions all the time. While he enjoys working with a diversity of patients, he finds it particularly rewarding to work with patients in need of total mouth rehabilitation. With his combined expertise in oral surgery, periodontology, and implantology, Dr. Kaufman can help people whose dental issues are getting in the way of their ability to eat, communicate, or feel comfortable in public.

Dr. Kaufman believes every patient has a unique story, and he cherishes lifelong relationships with patients, whom he calls his “dental family.” And while the majority of his patients are local, many travel from around the world for cosmetic dentistry and other procedures at which he excels.

His state-of-the-art practice is a beautiful environment where patients are the top priority. Dr. Kaufman’s policy is to treat the patient, not just their dental problems. He believes that to get the very best treatment, every patient must be comfortable, listened to, and treated like a human being. This patient-oriented approach can turn a single visit into a lifelong, rewarding relationship.

Eliaz Kaufman

I treat patients like human beings. I listen and take my time. I work hard to make sure every patient is comfortable, informed, and getting the highest level of treatment possible.


Personal Interests

When he’s not rehabilitating mouths, Dr. Kaufman is committed to running and fitness - completing multiple marathons every year all around the country. Outside of work, he also teaches several continuing education programs, helping train new dentists and residents to perform the latest implant surgeries.

Eliaz Kaufman explaining procedure

Education and Experience

Dr. Eliaz Kaufman has strong ties to the prestigious Columbia University, where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, his Master of Science Postgraduate Program in periodontics, and did residency in Oral Surgery. He also taught as a professor at the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. To this day, he is still training new dentists and residents to perform implant surgeries. Dr. Kaufman is also fluent in several languages, including German, Hebrew, and Russian.

  • 1990

    Tel Aviv University

    Medical Science

  • 1999

    Columbia University


  • 2000

    Columbia University


  • 2001
    Dental School

    Columbia University


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Certifications & Memberships

Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology

American Dental Association

The American Academy of Periodontology

Northeastern Society of Periodontology