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The maxillary sinus is a hollow chamber above the upper molars and premolars. Serving as one of many chambers for air to circulate and humidify, the maxillary sinus has no important biological function but may increase in size and volume with age. When teeth beneath it are lost, it may increase even more in size and fill most of the area where teeth had been. Grafts in the sinus areas can successfully increase bone volume, support dental implants, and avoid removable dentures. In fact, research shows over 92% of implants survive in these grafted sinus areas — the same success rate as seen in non-grafted sites.

Sinus lifts are performed in two ways: The minimally invasive and localized Osteotome Sinus Lift for small procedures, and the Lateral Window Sinus Lift for larger areas. Dr. Kaufman will assess and discuss whether not you are a candidate for sinus elevation and which method is best for your needs.